Please Note: Because I am using these videos myself in my own marketing, I am only selling 25 copies, just to cover the time it took for me to create this video shorts series. 

If you're after EXCLUSIVE content that NO ONE HAS, this is it!

First come, first served!

Dear struggling marketer,

I don't know about you but I recently started buying video shorts marketing packages to get free leads from:

- Youtube

- Pinterest

- Tik-Tok

- Instagram

- LinkedIn

- Facebook

- And everywhere else I can post video shorts and link them to lead capturing pages

Here's What I discovered, So Pay Attention As I Reveal The Madness To My Genius Here...

I figured-out that if I post various series of video shorts across across 6 free traffic platforms, I am increasing my free traffic potential by 6X from the get-go, by using the same video shorts on all 6 free traffic platforms!

So for example, if I have a series of video 15 shorts x 6 free traffic platforms, I actually could make = 1 Email list + 15 Lead Capturing Pages + 1 full Pinterest Board + 15 video pins within the board (+ Optional: 15 image pins within the board) + 90 video shorts across 6 free traffic platforms! => From ONLY 15 video shorts!

Now, for each of these video shorts I posted, I added a link that directs my audience to a lead capturing page that summarizes what the essence of the video short reveals.

In other words, I used 1 email list and cloned my lead capturing page 15 times, by switching the headlines to be relevant to each video short... hence 15 lead capturing pages, to capture leads from my video shorts X 6 free traffic platforms.

But now I am only talking about 1 series here!

I figured that if I could buy many video short series, I could accelerate the process of building my list quite fast...

But I quickly realized that it wasn't as easy as I thought...

I faced a serious problem...

So what I initially did was purchase as many video short series I could...

I made a bunch of Pinterest boards, video pins and posted my video shorts on all 6 free traffic platforms.

My hopes were high...

But no one was opting-in...

Sucks, right?

At that point, I had no choice but to go back to the drawing board...

And that's when I realized that the video short series I purchased were not offering any real value, no hacks...

Most of these PLR packages always talk about the same things: For example: How to start a Youtube channel, how to add a picture to your profile... and all that crap!

I knew that if I wanted this to work, I had to offer real tips and real hacks that my audience never heard before, to get them to want to opt-in my lead capturing pages.

And let's be real here...

Nowadays, everyone knows how to open accounts such as banks, Netflix, social media, payment processors and so on...

So teaching things that everyone already knows was the reason why no one was opting-in. It just wasn't appealing to them to hear the same old rehashed content...

So the only way to use that lead generating technique was to offer real value, real hacks and real checklists, to my audience...

So I decided to make my own video shorts and checklists series...

The only way I could guarantee that I am offering value to my audience, was to create my own series of video shorts and have complete control on what I teach.

So that's exactly what I did...

And today I am releasing the first video short series of many to come.

These are the same videos I personally use in my own marketing, to get free leads from the top 6 free traffic platforms!


Inside, You'll Get Access To My Top 15 Youtube Marketing Checklists, That Will Show You And Your Audience My Top 15 Hacks To Get Free Youtube Traffic!

See A Sample Checklist:

What do you think of the checklist above?
We got 14 more like that, for you, waiting inside!

Plus, We Broke-Down These 15 Checklists Into A '15 Vertical Video Shorts' Series That You Can Use As Lead Magnets On:

Youtube, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn And Everywhere Else You Can Post Video Shorts To Get Free Traffic!

See Sample Videos

If You Think About It...
If You Post The 15 Video Shorts X 6 Free Traffic Platforms
It's A Total Of 90 Video 'Shorts', That Attracts Free Leads!

When you pause to consider the possibilities, it's quite the game-changer. 

By utilizing our set of 15 video shorts across six different platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you're essentially multiplying your content outreach. 

That's a staggering 90 video shorts, each with the potential to capture leads, and engage 6 different audiences, far and wide. 

This strategy not only maximizes your visibility but also ensures a consistent presence across the digital landscape.

Imagine the impact of having your content spread out over these platforms, reaching diverse groups of people every day. 

It's a powerful way to amplify your message and connect with more viewers than ever before.

Also, Every Video 'Short' Has A Call-To-Action, Leading Your Audience To Grab The Complete Training (The 15 Checklists)

Every video short we create comes with a clear, generic, call-to-action, guiding your audience straight to the comprehensive training they're seeking.

From there you can customize  the video shorts, with the right calls-to-action, to fit the platform(s) on which you want to post.

Each of these calls-to-action allow you to either sell or giveaway the training. That's entirely up to you. You decide.

Listen To Some 'Calls-To-Action' Samples:

Youtube Call To Action (Free Access)

Youtube Call To Action (Paid Access)

Tik-Tok & Instagram Calls To Action (Free Access)

Tik-Tok & Instagram Calls To Action (Paid Access)

Pinterest, Facebook & LinkedIn Calls To Action (Free Access)

Pinterest, Facebook & LinkedIn Calls To Action (Paid Access)

On top of the 15 checklists and 15 video 'Shorts', You Also Get A PLR License:

Having the PLR License means you're empowered to customize, rebrand, and even resell the marketing materials provided. With this PLR license, you can harness this freedom and mold it to suit your vision and business objectives.

Here Is What You Can Do With This PLR License:

Private Label Rights


Can claim full authorship
Can be rebranded/edited
Can be sold
Can give away for free
Can be uploaded on your blogs, website, Youtube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram and everywhere else you can think of, to educate, sell and/or capture leads
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can be used as content for YOUR own website
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
Can be converted into an eBook
Can create your own training program like me
And much more...

You Also Get:

- 15 Editable Video 'Shorts' Scripts (.txt):

Flexibility & Customization: Having these scripts in text format means you can tweak, tailor, and transform them to match your brand's voice and audience's preferences. This flexibility ensures your content resonates more effectively with your viewers.

Time & Cost Efficiency: Crafting scripts from scratch is time-consuming and can be costly if you're hiring writers. Editable scripts give you a solid starting point, saving you both time and resources.

- 30 Voice Overs: 15 (MP3) + 15 (Wav):

Diverse Content Delivery: Offering both MP3 and WAV formats covers the spectrum of quality and compatibility needs. MP3s are widely used and smaller in size, making them perfect for quick downloads and streaming. WAV files offer high-quality sound, ideal for professional editing and when you want that extra clarity in your content.

Instant Professionalism: High-quality voice-overs can elevate your content, making it sound more professional and engaging. This is crucial for capturing and retaining your audience's attention.

- 15 Vertical Editable Video 'Shorts' Powerpoint Slides (PNG) and 15 Powerpoint Files (.pptx):

Ready-to-Use Visuals: In the fast-paced world of 'Shorts', having ready-made, visually appealing slides is a massive advantage. They can be used as-is or customized to fit your branding, significantly speeding up your content production process.

Versatility: The inclusion of both PNG and PPTX formats ensures that you have maximum flexibility in how you use these assets. Whether you're looking to make quick edits or overhaul the entire design, you're covered.

- 30 High Converting Lead Capturing Page Headlines + 'Calls-To-Action':

Conversion Optimization: These are not just any headlines and CTAs; they're crafted to convert. Having proven, high-converting elements at your disposal means you're more likely to turn viewers into leads and customers.

In essence, when you snag a PLR product packed with these assets, you're not just buying content; you're investing in a comprehensive toolkit that streamlines your content creation process, enhances your brand's professionalism, and optimizes your conversion strategies. It's like getting a head start in the race towards engaging your audience and growing your online presence!

By Now You Must See The Value In The 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' Marketing Package & Free Traffic Method...

It's really not rocket science:
The more you post video 'shorts' on various free traffic platforms, the more free traffic you get!

By Grabbing 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper Today, You Have The Potential To Create:

It's pretty straightforward: Keep sharing those quick, snappy videos online, and you're bound to see more folks opting-in your lead capturing pages. It's all about keeping things fresh and interesting. 

Each little video is a lead magnet, pulling in more eyes to what you're all about. 

And the best part? You don't need any fancy tricks or tools. 

Just grab 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' and share our video shorts with the world. The more you post, the more people you'll reach - FACT!

Moreover, the more you apply the strategies outlined within the training, the more free traffic you, your clients and audience can attract, and the higher your potential earnings can be. It's truly that easy!

Hurry - The Price Is Going Up Real Soon!

If You Wait, You'll Kick Yourself In The Butt Later!

By Now You Know If That's What You Need...

The path is open, the advantages are unmistakable, and the opportunity to transform your life awaits.

There's a pivotal moment in decision-making where doubt fades away and confidence takes its place. For you, that moment is here.

You stand at a crossroads: one path leaves you in limbo, constantly guessing, while the other propels you forward towards remarkable outcomes.

"Youtube Free Traffic Sniper" isn't just another course; it's your entry point into the realm of substantial online earnings. It's about turning dreams into real achievements.

For those ready to overhaul their approach to making money, "Youtube Free Traffic Sniper" serves as the spark to ignite your dreams into reality.

The time to waver has passed; now is the time to take action.

Embark on your online earning adventure by securing your copy of "Youtube Free Traffic Sniper" today!


You can actually make = 1 Email List + 15 Lead Capturing Pages + 1 full Pinterest Board + 15 video pins within the board (+ Optional: 15 image pins within the board) + 90 video shorts across 6 free traffic platforms! => From ONLY These 15 video shorts & Checklists!

You can start growing your free traffic network today with ease by using our ready-made video shorts and checklists, without any of the hard work!

So Let's Recap All You Get When You Grab 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' Today:

You Can Also Customize These Videos With Different Calls-To-Action, To Fit Each Platform...

... And Each Of These 15 Files Contain...

You get:

- PLR License: Rebrand + (Sell or giveaway) the video shorts and checklists - Value: $997

- 15 Editable checklists that show you how to get free Youtube traffic and monetize (Word: .docx) - Value: $497

- 15 Video 'shorts' (MP4 - 1080x1920 Pixels) - Value: $997

- 15 Editable video 'Shorts' scripts (.txt) - Value: $497

- 15 Voice overs (MP3) - Value: $697

- 15 Voice overs (Wav) - Value: $697

- 15 Vertical editable video 'Shorts' Powerpoint slides (PNG) - Value: $97

- 15 Vertical editable Powerpoint files (.pptx) - Value: $397

- 30 Editable high converting Lead Capturing page headlines + 'Calls-To-Action' - Value: $47


Hurry - The Price Is Going Up Real Soon!

If You Wait, You'll Kick Yourself In The Butt Later!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' to profit online? - Click here to expand

With 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper', you can use our video shorts and checklists as lead magnets to get free traffic from 6 different free traffic platforms.

Also, from these checklists and video shorts, you'll be tapping into a powerful method where you can profit from free Pinterest traffic, without having to do any keyword research, SEO, backlinks or guest posting! 

It makes a HUGE difference when you don't have to work as hard as traditional marketers to get paid! It just cannot get better than that, would you agree?

Is the 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' method and system legal and ethical? - Click here to expand

Yes totally. This method is legal and ethical.

Will I make money with 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper'? - Click here to expand

You sure can. It will just depend on your personal efforts and the time you spend on it. You can see results pretty fast. If you are constant in your work ethics, you can only get a lot of free leads and make money.

How do I get Instant access to 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' now? - Click here to expand

By clicking the button below right now

Go below, grab your 'Youtube Free Traffic Sniper' Copy... and let's make you some money!

Please Note: Because I am using these videos myself in my own marketing, I am only selling 25 copies, just to cover the time it took for me to create this video shorts series.

If you're after EXCLUSIVE content that NO ONE HAS, this is it!

First come, first served!

Time is of the essence - You know if you wait, you'll pay a lot more later!

See you inside,
Michel Sirois, marketing nerd since 1997

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