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Lead Magnet Setup: We'll setup one of your lead magnets for you. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of crafting the perfect lead magnet — we've got you covered! (Real world value: $197)
Sales Funnel Setup: Our expert team will setup your sales funnel for you. (Real world value: $297)
Email List Setup: We'll set up your email list, ensuring that you have a highly engaged audience ready to receive your promotions and offers. (Real world value: $97)
Email Campaign Setup: We'll take care of installing your email swipes in your email campaign. Our team will setup a series of attention-grabbing and conversion-focused email swipes that will keep your subscribers hooked and drive sales. (Real world value: $297)
Personalization and Branding: We'll add your name and picture to all the necessary elements, giving your campaign a personalized touch that builds trust and credibility with your audience. (Real world value: $497)
Warrior Plus Setup: We will handle the entire setup process on Warrior Plus, including adding all the necessary codes to your web pages. This ensures a seamless integration and smooth operation of your online business. (Real world value: $497)
Affiliate Program Activation: Our team will activate your affiliate program, attracting top affiliates who will drive tons of free leads and sales to your offer. (Real world value: $197)

That's A Total World Value Of: $2,079

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