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Build A Real 'BUYERS' List, Audience & Following...

By Connecting 'DFY' Bonuses Through Any WarriorPlus Affiliate Offer You Want To Promote -- At Light Speed!

Hey there BUYER leads seekers...

Did you know you can build a REAL 'BUYERS' LIST by connecting bonuses to other people's products on WarriorPlus?

Choose Hot Products: Pick top-selling WarriorPlus products.

Create Irresistible Bonuses At Lightspeed: Develop valuable bonuses that complement these products and add extra value, without creating anything from scratch. Simply piggyback on existing high-converting offers and leverage them to attract buyers on your email list.

Promote Your Pre-Sell Page Link: Share your pre-sell link in your email lists and socials. Buyers get your bonuses when they buy the affiliate offer you're promoting, you get their contact info directly in your autoresponder. BOOM! You got QUALIFIED BUYERS on your 'BUYERS' LIST!

PLR License Included: Use the PLR license included with this special offer to educate your audience and help them build a REAL BUSINESS with REAL BUYERS, and profit just like you. With this PLR license, you can giveaway or sell the entire package!

Here's why focusing on REAL 'BUYER' leads can transform your business:

The 5 Most Important Things About Buyer Leads vs Non-Buyer Leads:

1. Purchase History:
Buyer Leads: These leads have a history of making purchases, indicating a willingness to spend money on products or services.
Non-Buyer Leads: These leads have shown interest but have not made any purchases yet.

2. Conversion Potential:
Buyer Leads:
Higher potential for conversion as they have already demonstrated trust and interest in your offerings.
Non-Buyer Leads: Lower conversion potential as they need more nurturing to make a purchase decision.

3. Engagement Level:
Buyer Leads:
Typically more engaged with your brand, often interacting with your content, emails, and promotions.
Non-Buyer Leads: Less engaged, requiring more effort to capture their attention and interest.

4. Monetization Opportunities:
Buyer Leads:
Easier to upsell and cross-sell additional products or services, leading to higher lifetime value.
Non-Buyer Leads: Initial focus is on converting them into buyers before exploring further monetization opportunities.

5. Marketing Strategy:
Buyer Leads:
Strategies can be targeted based on past purchase behavior, leading to more effective marketing campaigns.
Non-Buyer Leads: Require more educational marketing efforts to build trust and guide them through the sales funnel.

Why You Need The 'Light Speed Affiliate Marketing Bonuses' Video Training?

In the competitive world of affiliate marketing, the difference between success and failure often comes down to the value you provide to your audience.

Here's why you need this step-by-step video training:

Maximize Your Credibility: Many marketers fail to deliver on their bonus promises, damaging trust. With 'Light Speed Affiliate Marketing Bonuses,' you can ensure you always provide high-value bonuses instantly, boosting your credibility.

Effortless High Value: Create compelling bonuses without starting from scratch. Leverage PLR products and ChatGPT to develop irresistible bonuses quickly and easily, saving you time and effort.

Increase Sales and Conversions: Offering real value sets you apart from competitors. When buyers receive the bonuses you promise, your sales and conversions will naturally increase the next time they buy through you.

Build a Loyal Buyers List: Consistently delivering on your promises helps you build a loyal and profitable buyers list. These are the customers who will trust you, return for future offers, and recommend you to others as a trusted and reliable marketer.

Streamlined Process: Our method is designed for simplicity and speed. Develop and attach bonuses seamlessly, keeping your marketing efficient and effective by copy/pasting everything!

 Today You Get 7 Training Videos That Will Show You Every Step!  

We'll be going over:

1. Finding Affiliate Offers on WarriorPlus: Learn how to identify the most lucrative offers worth promoting

2. Creating Light Speed 'Buyer' Bonuses: With the help of Canva and ChatGPT, you'll create relevant bonuses that match your affiliate offers

3. Building a Presell Page: Use simple copy/paste techniques to get people interested in the bonuses you provide before they purchase the affiliate offers you're promoting

4. Designing a Buyer Bonus Download Page: Ensure your buyers can easily access your bonuses after their purchase and make even more money with one little ninja trick

5. Capturing The Buyer Leads: Create opt-in pages that add buyers to your 'BUYERS' list and redirect them to the buyer bonus download page

6. Optimizing Buyer Email Campaigns: Discover what to include in your emails to maximize your profits.

7. Integrating with WarriorPlus: Connect your lead capture page in 1 click to your affiliate offers, ensuring you only add verified buyers to your 'Buyers' list

See an excerpt  of the video training right here:

Is This Training For Beginners?

It's for beginners, intermediates and experts as long as you know how to setup an email list, an opt-in form with link redirect and email swipes in an autoresponder. This is not an email marketing course from scratch, it's an email marketing money-making method.

PLR License Included:

When you purchase our special offer today, you don't just get a high quality video training—you also receive a full Private Label Rights (PLR) license! This means you have complete freedom to use, modify, and monetize the content however you see fit.

Unleash Your Creativity: With the PLR license, you can rebrand the marketing package as your own, add your personal touch, and tailor it to fit your unique style and voice. Create an entirely new product, develop a course, or enhance your existing content library—the possibilities are endless!

Monetize Effortlessly: Sell it as a premium package, or use it to drive traffic and generate leads for your affiliate marketing campaigns or own products/services. The PLR license allows you to tap into multiple revenue streams without the hassle of creating content from scratch.

Build Your Authority: Establish yourself as an expert in the internet marketing space. Whether you use this video training in newsletters, social media posts, or elsewhere, you'll build trust and authority with your audience, making them eager to buy anything you recommend!

Enhance Your Content Strategy: Incorporate these training videos into your content strategy to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. With this step-by-step video training at your disposal, you can provide TOP VALUE to your audience and followers, ensuring a steady flow of satisfied BUYERS.

Easy Customization: The PLR license allows you to add your branding and add anything you want to the content—you're in complete control!

Unlock the Power of Qualified Buyer Leads – Transform Your Business Today!

If you're tired of chasing leads that never convert, you need to focus on what truly matters – qualified 'BUYER' leads. 

Our exclusive strategy is designed to help you attract and filter leads who are ready to purchase. 

With our proven method, you can maximize your sales potential and build a loyal customer base.

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See you inside,
Michel Sirois, marketing nerd since 1997

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