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Free Traffic Method: Parasite SEO (No website or blog needed)

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Parasite SEO is a tactic where you use the high domain authority of popular platforms to rank your content for competitive keywords, effectively bypassing the need for your own website or blog.

It's called "parasite" because you're essentially attaching your content to a host platform, much like a parasite does with a host organism.

Using the parasite SEO method, you essentially leverage the high domain authority of popular platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Medium and much more, to rank your content higher on search engines.

For example, if you create a LinkedIn post optimized for certain keywords related to your high-ticket offer, that post can potentially rank on the first page of Google search results due to LinkedIn's inherent high authority and trust with search engines.

This strategy allows you to bypass the time-consuming process of building domain authority from scratch and instead, you capitalize on the established credibility of these "host" platforms to gain visibility for your offers.

This strategy is especially useful for those promoting high-ticket offers without wanting to invest or maintain a full-fledged website or blog.

So here's how you can implement Parasite SEO for your high-ticket offers and where you can find keywords for free:

1. Platforms to Use:

- Social Media Posts: Such as LinkedIn articles or YouTube are great options. I recommend you use LinkedIn if you don’t want to make videos… And Youtube if you know how to make video slides. Although you could succeed from just LinkedIn, informational videos rank really well in Google.

- Writing platform: Medium is one of the platforms that ranks very well in Google. You can write long-form articles, making your content even richer, and Google loves that! Try it, you'll thank me later!

- Q&A Websites: Platforms like Quora or Reddit.

Once you identified a platform(s) you want to work on, simply create content related to your high ticket offer. 

This content should provide value, address pain points, and guide users towards considering your offer.

2. Finding Keywords for Free:

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most widely used tools for keyword research.

It's primarily designed for advertisers who use Google Ads, but it can be utilized by anyone looking to find keywords for SEO purposes.

Here's how you can leverage it for parasite SEO:

- Access the Google Keyword Planner tool. (You'll need a Google Ads account to be able to use it. It's free to sign-up.)

- Once you're logged in, go to the "Tools & Settings" section and find "Keyword Planner" under "Planning".

Discover New Keywords:

- Click on "Discover new keywords".

- You can start with a broad keyword related to your high-ticket offer or even enter a competitor's domain to see keyword suggestions.

Analyze Keyword Ideas:

- The tool will provide you with a list of keyword ideas based on your input.

- For each keyword, you'll see data on average monthly searches, competition level, and a range for bid amounts (though this is more relevant for PPC campaigns).

Select Relevant Keywords:

- Choose keywords that are most relevant to your high-ticket offer and have a decent search volume.

- Since parasite SEO leverages the authority of established platforms, even competitive keywords can be targeted, but it's often beneficial to find a balance between search volume and competition.

Google Keyword Planner is a valuable tool as it sources its data directly from Google, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of its keyword suggestions.

When combined with the content generation capabilities of ChatGPT, you can create powerful, optimized content that stands a strong chance of ranking well in search engine results.

3. Crafting Content With ChatGPT:

Once you have your keywords, turn to ChatGPT.

You can prompt it to craft content around your topic, integrating the keywords naturally.

For example, the prompt can be something like: "Write a compelling article about the following keyword: '[Your Keyword]'. Make sure the keyword density in the article you write is between 1%-3%."

ChatGPT will generate an article that's both engaging to readers and optimized for search engines.

Review and Edit:

While ChatGPT is powerful, it's always wise to review the content it produces.

Ensure the keywords are appropriately used, the content is accurate, and it aligns with your promotional strategy.

4. Publication on High Authority Platforms:

After finalizing your content, publish it on your chosen high-authority platform, whether it's LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, Medium or any other site that ranks well in search engines and allows content publication.

** Make sure to add your lead capturing page link in your post if you want to get those leads. Then the automation will kick-in via your email campaign.

Remember, the content should provide value to the readers, answering their questions, or solving their problems related to the high-ticket offer you're promoting.

- This strategy enhances the likelihood of your content being ranked high on search engine results pages, driving traffic, and conversions.

- Your content should be engaging, informative, and include the keywords you're targeting.

- It's not just about promotion; providing real value encourages users to engage with your high-ticket offer.

- Include clear calls-to-action that guide readers to your high-ticket offer, whether it's to your lead capturing page or direct access to a product or service.

Remember, while Parasite SEO can be highly effective, it's also crucial to abide by the rules and guidelines of the host platform.

Overly promotional or spammy content can be penalized or removed.

Always provide value and maintain a balance between offering information and promoting your high-ticket offer.

But if you want Free ORGANIC traffic from Search Engines, without creating blogs or websites, this is a really smart way to do it!


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