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Email Campaign

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Email remains one of the most powerful tools in an affiliate marketer's arsenal.

However, the leap from capturing an email address to securing a high-ticket sale is significant.

So let's go over the most important stuff.

1. Provide Value:

- Every email should deliver value. 

- Whether it's an insightful article, a useful tip, or an exclusive offer, recipients should feel they're gaining something by opening your emails.

2. Writing Effective Email Swipes with ChatGPT:

- ChatGPT can be a game-changer for crafting compelling content. This AI tool generates high-quality, human-like text, helping you create persuasive email swipes that resonate with readers.

- Use ChatGPT to help craft stories that sell. Narratives should focus on resolving the recipient's pain points with your high-ticket offer, highlighting benefits and real-life applications.

- A good way to write emails that really match your affiliate offer is to go on the sales page and grab the most important elements from it.

- Then you ask ChatGPT to write some emails for you, based on the points you want to highlight.

- And very important: When asking ChatGPT to write your swipes, always tell it to add a strong call-to-action at the end of your email.

Here's an example of a prompt you can use to write an email via ChatGPT:

'Please write an email message about [what ever you grabbed from the sales page]. I want it to have bullet points and emojis. Add a strong call-to-action at the end of the email'

3. Balancing Content and Promotions:

Educate, Then Sell:

- Your audience needs to trust you before they'll buy from you.

- Provide them with valuable, educational content that positions you as an expert.

- Depending the niche you are in, you can send tips once or twice per week, sharing what you learned to improve your business for example.

- Once you've established authority, you'll have more leeway to introduce promotions.

Soft Selling:

- Not every email should be a hard sell. 

- Some should subtly guide readers down the sales funnel, providing them with valuable information that naturally leads to your high-ticket offers.

Sending Frequency:

- Find a balance in your sending frequency. You want to stay top of mind without becoming a nuisance.

- Monitor open rates and unsubscribes to find your sweet spot.

- And very important: Do not send more than 2 emails per day to your subscribers. If you exceed that amount, you might start getting spam complaints that could put your autoresponder in jeopardy.

An effective email campaign is a fine balance of art and science.

By providing value, personalizing content, and using sophisticated tools like ChatGPT, you can craft an campaign that converts—even for high-ticket offers.

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Michel Sirois

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