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Before Installing ClixBooster Please Read This...

This Is A Personal Use License

By this I mean you can only use ClixBooster yourself. You cannot alter the code, you cannot sell it or give it away! 

Optional: If you want to promote and sell the ClixBooster system & keep 100% of the profits, you need to grab the AGENCY license below:

How To Set-Up Your ClixBooster Theme...

Step #1:

If you already have WordPress setup on a domain and not currently using it, you can skip this step. But if you never installed WordPress, first... be sure to have a domain name and a hosting account.

- If you need a domain name, Click Here
- If you need a hosting account, Click Here

... And to get the most recent WordPress version, go below and download it:

Step #2:

Optional: If you are using a new version of WordPress, you might want to download & install the 'classical editor' plugin to have the same inter-phase as the one displayed in my videos. It will be easier to follow...

Step #3:

If you want to be able to make click multiplying pages, you need to download & install the ClixBooster child-theme below in your WordPress...

Please note: If you are getting an ERROR message while trying to load the zip file in the THEME section, it's because you did not UNZIP the file properly. If this happens, simply UNZIP the file you were trying to load and it will work.

The other ERROR message that could occur is if you try to load the THEME in the PLUGIN section. It's a THEME, not a PLUGIN.

How To Make Click Multiplying Pages With The Editor...

Grab Your 200 Solo Ads Swipes Below...

Also, check-out this bonus video on how to re-word your headlines and swipes over and over by using Chat GPT

Let Us Import Our 200 DFY ClixBooster Pages And Save Heaps Of Time!

See Just How Fast It Goes When You Let Us Import Our 200 Pages On YOUR ClixBooster!

- All the copy will be added in all of your 200 click multiplying pages for you!

- All your 200 page links will be added in your 200 email swipes for you!

- It doesn't get any easier than that, it's 100% Copy/Paste For You!

To your success,
Michel Sirois

P.S. You have questions or need support? We are here for you!

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