Brand New eBook Limited To The First 50 Buyers, With PLR Rights

'Teach Your Readers How To Overcome Abuse From A Narcissistic Step-Mother's Evil Web Of Lies, Deceit and Manipulation!'

Please be aware that the number of copies available for purchase will be shown below the buy button until they are completely sold out.

I am pleased to introduce a special eBook called 'Breaking Free From A Narcissistic Step-Mother's Web' that will only be available to a limited number of buyers - specifically, 50.

While Private Label Rights (PLR) products are convenient because they are done for you, some marketers prefer not to have too many identical copies of the same PLR circulating in the market.

To address this concern, I have decided to limit the availability of this eBook to only 50 buyers. This means that you, along with only 49 others, will have access to it.

You can quickly personalize the report by adding your name, labeling it as your own, and sharing it with your audience by selling it or giving it away.

For more information, please refer to the details below...


Introducing a Brand New Report with Lots of Profit Potential

Details of the Report:

My latest limited to 50 buyers PLR is a report called 'Breaking Free From A Narcissistic Step-Mother’s Web'.

This report helps people OVERCOME narcissistic abuse!

This is a 47-pages / 8,986 words eBook that covers the following:

...And Here's a Short Excerpt of the Report:

Ideas For Using This Content

Put your name on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list...
Break it up into individual blog posts...
Use it as a series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience...
Expand on it and turn it into an info product of your own...
Use it as a transcript for a podcast...
Use it as a transcript for a video or series...
Put it into a PowerPoint presentation and record a class or webinar about it...
and more!

First Come, First Served!

For just $1, you will receive 47 pages and 8,986 words of content along with ALL the graphics, and you will be one of only 50 people who have ownership rights to it.

P.S. I want to make a promise to you that once all the copies of this product are sold out, I won't be able to offer it to anyone else.

P.P.S. If you have any specific niche or topic suggestions for my next limited PLR sale, feel free to send me an email, and I'll try to create content that meets your needs.

P.P.P.S. I'd like to let you know that there won't be any "One Time Offers" presented after you make your purchase.

See you inside,
Michel Sirois

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