Module #3:

The Perfect Blog Article Structure

When structuring your article, consider the following elements for an effective and SEO-friendly format:

a) Title of the Article
• Make it catchy and include your primary keyword.
• Ensure it clearly conveys what the article is about.

b) Provide the Short Answer
• Begin with a concise summary or answer to the main question your article addresses.
• Include your keyword in this section for SEO purposes.
• You can use ChatGPT to help craft this part after you've written the main content.

c) Your Video (If Applicable)
• Include a relevant video early in the article if you have one.
• This can enhance user engagement and provide a multimedia approach to your content.

d) Clickable Table of Contents
• Use the Easy Table Of Contents plugin to automatically generate this based on the H1, H2, H3 tags in your article.
• A table of contents improves navigation, especially for long articles.

e) Your Article Text
• This is the main body of your content where you dive deep into the topic.
• Structure it with appropriate headings, subheadings, and paragraphs for readability.

f) Key Takeaways
• Conclude with the main points or actionable insights from your article.
• This section can be written with the help of ChatGPT for a concise summary.

g) Sources (Optional but Beneficial)
• Citing sources can add credibility to your article.
• It's also useful for readers who want to explore the topic further.

h) Related Articles
• Use a plugin like YARPP to automatically suggest related articles from your blog.
• This encourages readers to explore more content on your site.

Why This Structure?
• Providing a short answer at the top and key takeaways at the bottom caters to users who seek quick answers.
• Most readers tend to scroll down for conclusions or summaries, so these elements help in retaining their attention and improving user experience.

This blog article structure aims to enhance both the user experience and SEO, making your content accessible and engaging.

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