Module #3:

Setting-Up The Lead System

In this essential module, we'll walk through the process of creating a robust lead capture and email campaign system that will serve as the backbone of your online marketing strategy. This system is designed to convert your incoming traffic into a dedicated subscriber base, nurturing them with valuable content and guiding them through your monetization funnel.

1. Choosing Your Email Marketing Tool

The first step is to select an email marketing service that suits your needs. Aweber is our recommended choice for its ease of use and robust features, but feel free to use any platform you're comfortable with. The key is to choose a tool that allows you to manage your subscribers efficiently, create engaging email campaigns, and analyze the results to continually optimize your strategy.

2. Creating Your Subscriber List

Once you've signed up for your chosen email marketing service, the next step is to create a subscriber list. This list is where you'll manage the users who opt-in through your lead capturing page. It's important to segment your list effectively from the start, ensuring you can send targeted and relevant content to your subscribers.

3. Crafting Your Email Campaign

With your list set up, it's time to create your email campaign. This campaign will consist of a series of emails designed to engage, inform, and guide your subscribers through your content. You can use a free tool like ChatGPT to quickly generate compelling email messages that link back to your blog posts. Each email should provide value and encourage subscribers to engage further with your content.

4. Designing Your Opt-In Form

The opt-in form is the gateway for visitors to become subscribers, making it a critical component of your lead system. Design an opt-in form that is clear, concise, and compelling, ensuring it captures the visitor's attention and encourages them to sign up. This form will be strategically placed on your website, serving as your primary lead capturing page.

5. Redirecting Subscribers to one of your blog posts

To immediately engage new subscribers, set up a redirection that takes them to a blog post as soon as they opt-in. Choose the blog post that matches your lead capturing page to stay relevant in their opt-in process.

Watch the 'How To' video below:

To bring all these components together and ensure you're set up for success, we've prepared a comprehensive video tutorial. 

This video will guide you through each step of setting up your lead system.

By the end of this module, you'll have a fully operational lead capture and email marketing system in place, ready to convert traffic into engaged subscribers and drive them towards your monetization goals.

Follow these steps, watch the tutorial, and you'll be well on your way to building a powerful online marketing system.

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