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High Conversion: Crafted to grab attention and prompt immediate action.
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Top-Tier Targeting: Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New-Zealand
Bonus 1: Video training
Bonus 2: 50 Email Swipes
Bonus 3: 50 Social media posts
Bonus 4: PLR license
Bonus 5: Unlimited support
100% Beginner-friendly

Dear aspiring entrepreneur,

Did you know? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just the future – it’s NOW! 

With AI-driven affiliate offers rapidly gaining momentum, the race is on to tap into this lucrative market.

But here’s the catch: Success in the AI affiliate realm is not just about having a great offer. 

It's about MAXIMIZING profits by any means necessary.

That's where we come in...

🎯 We Are Targeting the Elites: Top-Tier Countries

Our creatives aren’t just designed for any audience. We're focused on the crème de la crème:

🍁 Canada
🇬🇧 UK
🦘 Australia
🥝 New-Zealand

These top-tier nations represent the forefront of AI adoption and have consumers who are tech-savvy, affluent, and ready to dive into the AI-driven future.

Why Is It Important To Target Top-Tier Countries?

(Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New-Zealand)

The combined economic power of these top-tier Geo-targeted countries is immense, and this directly translates to consumer spending. Here's a more focused breakdown incorporating that aspect:

Immense Economic Power: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New-Zealand collectively have some of the world's largest economies, meaning their consumers have more disposable income.
High ROI Potential: These countries tend to have consumers with greater disposable income, increasing the return on ad spend.
Wider Affiliate Opportunities: Many affiliate programs prioritize or exclusively cater to these top-tier countries.
Cultural Trendsetting: Products and services that become popular in these countries often set global trends, offering potential viral growth.
Higher Consumer Spending: People in these nations, on average, have a higher willingness and capacity to spend on products, services, and premium offers.
Attractive Market for Premium Products: For internet marketers offering high-end or premium digital products, these countries present an ideal audience.
E-commerce Readiness: High credit card penetration and a culture of online shopping mean more transactions and higher average order values.
Subscription Model Viability: Consumers in these countries are more open to subscription models, offering a steady revenue stream for marketers.
Stability and Predictability: Their strong economies offer a level of market stability and predictability, crucial for long-term marketing strategies.

Promoting A.I. affiliate offers Is an essential & Profitable strategy for many businesses and individuals in the digital marketing world, and here's why:

Rapid Technological Growth: AI is no longer a niche or future technology; it's here, evolving rapidly, and reshaping numerous industries. This pace of advancement implies that businesses and marketers need to remain ahead of the curve to be competitive.

Market Demand: As AI solutions become more integrated into daily life, from virtual assistants on phones to personalized shopping recommendations, there's a growing demand from both consumers and businesses. By promoting AI offers, you align yourself with current market demand and can cater to an audience that's interested in advanced tech solutions.

Competitive Advantage: AI can often offer solutions that are more efficient, accurate, or tailored than traditional methods. This can be a strong selling point. By affiliating with AI companies or promoting AI products, you not only offer value to your audience but also position yourself as an innovative marketer or brand.

Financial Incentives: Given the high value and often premium pricing of many AI solutions, affiliate commissions can be lucrative. Moreover, as businesses realize the ROI from implementing AI solutions, they're more likely to invest, which can mean higher conversion rates for those promoting relevant AI affiliate offers.

Staying Relevant: In a digital age defined by change, staying updated with the latest trends and technologies is vital. Engaging with the AI sphere, understanding its implications, and promoting related offers can help businesses and marketers stay relevant in an evolving landscape.

All in all, AI is not just a passing trend but a transformative technology. By promoting AI affiliate offers, individuals and businesses can position themselves strategically for the current market dynamics and future growth.

So with all that in mind, I decided to create my own set of generic creatives, that allows me to TARGET THE TOP 5 PAYING COUNTRIES and GET A LOT MORE SALES from all the A.I. affiliate offers I want to promote!


Inside You Get 350 Generic Banners/Post Ads That Target Top-Tier Countries

(Valued at: $1,050)

We Provide All The Banner Sizes You Need!

50 Website Banners: 728 X 90

50 Website Banners: 300 X 250

50 Website Banners: 160 X 600

50 Facebook Posts: 1200x900

50 Instagram Posts: 1080x1080

50 Twitter Posts: 1024x512

50 Pinterest Pins: 1000x1500

See Some Examples Here:

See Some Samples Of These Banners Here:

But That' Not All...

When you grab your copy of A.I. 350 today, you will also get these 5 fast action bonuses:

Bonus 1: Video training to get high conversions and sales

In today's competitive marketplace, it's not enough just to drive traffic to your offerings; you need to convert that traffic into tangible sales. With Bonus 1, we delve deep into the art and science of achieving high conversions. 

This comprehensive video training is meticulously crafted to equip you with proven strategies and techniques to optimize your sales funnel, engage your audience, and effectively turn potential leads into loyal customers. 

Guided by industry experts, you'll discover the secrets of persuasive messaging, the nuances of effective call-to-action placement, and the power of compelling visuals. 

By implementing the insights from this training, you're setting the foundation for a significant boost in conversions and, consequently, your sales volume.

Real World Value: $297

Bonus 2: 50 swipes that you can mix and match with your banners

With Bonus #2, you're getting an exciting addition to your marketing toolbox: 50 additional swipes. These aren’t just any ordinary swipes, as they’ve been crafted to seamlessly integrate with your banners. 

Imagine the creative potential! Now you're not limited to a fixed style or message for your banners.

See An Email Swipe Example: Click To Drop-Down

Imagine A.I. Paving Your Path to $200 Daily Recurring Payments By...


Imagine for a moment, your inbox filling with notifications of recurring deposits - $200 in recurring payments, every single day. How would that feel? Now think about the ease, the satisfaction of having A.I. streamline that for you.

Think about this: you've been presented with opportunities before, but this? This is different.

>> Dive into the A.I. Magic Here!

I've sometimes caught myself wondering why some might hesitate. Desire is a strong pull, and here lies what many desire most.

You want to see change? Feel the difference? This is where you take action:

>> Your Gateway to Prosperity Awaits!

You know the door to that new reality is right here, waiting for your push.

Until our paths cross again,
[Your Name]

P.S. Remember, opportunities don't wait. Harness them, and let's carve out your success story.

By mixing and matching these swipes, you can continually refresh your look, ensuring that your audience always sees something new and engaging. This added versatility allows you to tailor your strategies and approach your audience in various, personalized ways.

Real World Value: $197

Bonus 3: 50 Social media post ads that you can mix and match with your banners

Bonus 3 propels your digital marketing strategy to the next level with 50 distinct social media post ads. These are more than just regular posts; they're meticulously crafted to complement and integrate seamlessly with your banners.

This integration allows your branding and messaging to flow consistently across platforms, amplifying your reach and impact.

See A Post Ad Example: Click To Drop-Down

🚀 A.I. in Action: The Secret to Snagging 100+ Leads Daily! 🎯

Hey, online mavens! 🌐

Think about an online realm where each intricate detail is perfectly aligned to propel you to success. Now, add in a sprinkle of A.I. magic that magnetically pulls in over 100 ready-to-engage leads. Feels like a dream? It's today's reality.

Beyond mere promises, I'm talking tangible, ground-breaking results. With A.I. backing your play, your online venture isn't just set to exist—it's poised to dominate.

Ready to leap into this game-changing arena?

==> Step into the A.I. Lead Revolution Here! 🚀

Fueling your growth,
[Your Name]

#AIPowerPlay #LeadGenerationGuru 💡🎖️

Whether you're showcasing a new product or sharing an important announcement, the flexibility to mix and match these posts ads with your banners means every campaign remains fresh and resonates effectively with your audience.

Real World Value: $197

Bonus 4: PLR License for the Complete Marketing Package

With this bonus, you're granted the Private Label Rights (PLR) License to our entire marketing package. But what does this mean for you?

Having the PLR License means you're empowered to customize, rebrand, and even resell the marketing materials provided. 

Bonus 4 doesn’t just give you marketing tools; it hands over the keys, allowing you to drive the direction and purpose of each element in the package. With this PLR license, you can harness this freedom and mold it to suit your vision and business objectives.

Real World Value: $997

Bonus 5: Unlimited Support

Starting an online business can be both exhilarating and daunting. Getting support during this phase is crucial because it provides guidance through unfamiliar terrain, helps mitigate risks, and accelerates growth. 

Expert insights can prevent costly mistakes, and moral support can keep motivation high during challenging times. 

In the dynamic world of online business, having a solid support system can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Real World Value: PRICELESS

Here Is What You Can Do With This PLR Package:

Private Label Rights


Can claim full authorship
Can be rebranded/edited
Can be sold
Can give away for free in exchange of leads or for training purposes
Can be bundled with other paid products
Can be offered as a bonus for YOUR other paid products
Can be used as content for YOUR own website
Can be added to paid membership sites
Can be offered through auction sites
And much more...

But You Need To Hurry...

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Still Thinking About It?
So Then, Let Me Ask You This: How Much You Think You Would You Pay To get 350 Banners Done By A Designer On Fiverr?

When considering hiring a designer on Fiverr to make banners, it's essential to weigh the associated costs, especially when you're thinking of a large number such as 350 banners. Fiverr is a renowned platform for freelance services, and while it's possible to find deals on some smaller projects, the volume you're considering will add up quickly.

1. Basic Pricing:
Even if you find a designer who offers a very basic banner design for $5 (the platform's namesake price point), 350 banners at this rate would already total $1,750. This simple calculation doesn't account for any additional costs or premium features the designer might offer.

2. Quality and Complexity:
Like any platform, Fiverr has a range of professionals with varying skill levels and pricing tiers. Those who charge only $5 might provide more basic designs, while designers with more experience or unique skills could charge $20, $50, or even $100+ per banner, depending on the complexity and level of customization required. For even a modest rate of $20 per banner, the cost would escalate to $7,000.

3. Extras and Revisions:
Many Fiverr gigs have additional charges for faster delivery, source files, additional revisions, or other premium features. If you need any of these additional services, they will increase the total project cost.

4. Bundling and Discounts:
Some designers might offer discounts or packages for bulk orders. While this could reduce the per-banner price, it's unlikely to bring the total down significantly, given the large volume of 350 banners.

5. Platform Fee:
Remember, Fiverr also takes a percentage of the payment as a service fee, which could increase the total expenditure on your side, especially if there's a large transaction involved.

While Fiverr offers a range of pricing options and some very competitive rates, if you're planning to order a high volume of banners like 350, the costs will accumulate rapidly. 

Even at the most basic and optimistic pricing structure, you'd be spending well over $1,000, and in reality, when factoring in quality, complexity, and potential additional services, your costs could be considerably higher.

So is the $9.95 fee you are paying today a lot considering all the facts above?

I think not...

If you divide $9.95 by 350, we're talking about $0.02 per banner... That's peanuts!

By now I'm sure you agree with me that today you are getting a pretty sweet deal, would you agree?

So Let's Recap All You Get When You Grab A.I. 350 Today:

350 Website/Social banners you can use to promote any A.I. affiliate offer, aiming the top-tier countries: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New-Zealand - $1,050
Bonus #1: Training video for high conversions - $297
Bonus #2: 50 Generic email swipes that match your banners and post ads - $197
Bonus #3: 50 Generic social media post ads you can mix and match with your banners - $197
Bonus #4: PLR license to the marketing material provided with this special offer - $997
Bonus #5: Unlimited support - PRICELESS


Don't Wait - The Price Is Going Up Real Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need 'A.I. 350' to profit online? - Click here to expand

To promote any A.I. related affiliate offer you want. These generic banners, posts and swipes are all you need to profit from the A.I. niche.

Will I make more money with Geo-targeted banners and post ads by targeting top-tier countries? - Click here to expand

Totally. Because you will only be targeting top-tier countries: Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New-Zealand. These are the countries that have the most money and are on the fore-front of A.I. products.

Do I Need to buy 1-time offers for this to work for me? - Click here to expand

No. Not at all. The 1-time offers that will be presented to you after you purchase, are not A.I. related. So you can be sure that A.I. 350 is all you need to profit from this marketing package and method.

Do I need experience do succeed with this offer? - Click here to expand

No, not at all. Inside we provide you with training that will help you get high conversions, guaranteed! Any beginner can do this.

How do I get access now? - Click here to expand

By clicking the button below right now if you want to get the 'A.I. 350' marketing package and the 5 fast action bonuses.

Go below, grab your 350 Geo-Targeted Banners + 5 Bonuses... and let's make you some money!

Time is of the essence - You know if you wait, you will pay a lot more than that!

See you inside,
Michel Sirois, marketing nerd since 1997 🤓

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