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Dear struggling marketer, 

Are you still looking for the perfect tool, method and training that will get you a constant flow of daily traffic? 

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert, getting leads is the hardest challenge marketers face each day! 

Without a constant flow of daily traffic, you can't make sales, that goes without saying... I know it, you know it, we all know it... 

But what if I told you that I can help you solve this problem today? 

Not only will we help you get a constant daily traffic flow of FREE BUYER LEADS, but you will also be getting the same system I use every day to MULTIPLY my clicks by 2X, 5X, even 10X!


ClixBooster Is Ideal For

Anyone Who Wants To Generate More Clicks For Their Online Business

Complete beginners
Affiliate marketers
Traffic providers
Click bankers
Social media marketers
Email marketers
CPA marketers
Anyone working on Rotators
And much more

Although You Can Make An Unlimited Amount Of Click Generating Pages, We Decided To Include 50 'Done For You' Templates, That You Can Select In 1 Click To Help You Save Time!

- Simply Add Your Links & You Are Done!

See 7 Samples Below Out Of 50:


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With these 200 click producing swipes, you will be able to process the clicks you sell to your clients, via email broadcasts.

And to be able to mass-mail your audience, you will need click producing swipes!

These swipes can be used with ClixBooster or on their own, that's your choice... But one thing is for sure.... you will need these swipes sooner than you think!

If you act now, you get' em all for free!

I Strongly Believe You Need 'ClixBooster' To Multiply Your Traffic Every Day, Without Any Effort!

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We really wanted to provide you with the system that can help ANYONE get free traffic and multiply clicks each day, to create a daily traffic flow to profit from...

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As soon as you get inside you can start generating free traffic and multiply your clicks as soon as TODAY, by simply using our click multiplying software and bonuses...

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With ClixBooster, Multiplying Clicks By 2X, 5X, Even 10X Is A Walk In The Park!

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If I were having a discussion with you, I would most likely ask you… 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from using ClixBooster?

For complete beginners that are still struggling to get a decent daily traffic flow... and for affiliate marketers, traffic providers, click bankers, bloggers, social media marketers, CPA marketers and email marketers.

Is this a WordPress Plugin?

No, not at all. ClixBooster is not a plugin. It is a WordPress CHILD-THEME. A child-theme will never break like plugins do. The only updates you will need to do will be the normal WordPress updates, making it a ROBUST tool for you to work with, that never requires maintenance. This makes it SAFE and PLEASANT for anyone using it...

How will I be multiplying my free daily clicks?

By using our click multiplying page maker. You can select any of our 50 built-in templates with different colors, background, buttons and much more, or you can create your click multiplying pages from scratch. That's really up to you. Our templates have been carefully crafted and optimized to get you more clicks from each visitor.

Will you help me if I need assistance?

For sure. I'm always just 1 click away for you each time you need.

Does it come with training?

Totally! As soon as you grab ClixBooster you will get a complete training to help you maximize your click-pulling potential. You will discover 6 different methods I personally use to get more clicks from each visitors. This will be a game changer for you, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or have lots of experience!

Can I create UNLIMITED amounts of click multiplying pages on UNLIMITED domains?

Totally! You can create unlimited pages on as many domains you want!

Are there monthly or yearly fees for 'ClixBooster?

No. You will never pay a monthly or yearly fee if you get it today. Later, new members will have to pay $97/year so this is why you need to grab ClixBooster right now!

When can I see Results?

As soon as today. It only depends on how fast you want to start!

I’m ready to take action, how do I get started?

Click below to secure your discount right now... before our prices go monthly:

Now, we could spend all day telling you why this traffic generating tool will put money in your pockets, but instead, we will let you see for yourself!


"With ClixBooster, you can bid farewell to the fear of plugins breaking. Being a child-theme, it seamlessly integrates with your WordPress installation, ensuring that it remains stable and unaffected by the ever-changing plugin landscape. You no longer have to stress about compatibility issues or the potential risks associated with plugin updates.

What truly sets ClixBooster apart is its hassle-free maintenance. You won't need to constantly update or troubleshoot the tool itself. The only updates you'll need to perform are the normal WordPress updates. This means you can focus your time and energy on what matters most—growing your online presence and achieving your goals.

The reliability and safety provided by ClixBooster make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking effortless success. Whether you're a seasoned WordPress user or a beginner, ClixBooster's stability ensures a smooth and pleasant experience. You can confidently use its robust features to drive clicks, conversions, and overall business growth without any worries."

Justin Ballard, Online Entrepreneur


"If you're seeking a powerful traffic generation system that eliminates the burden of monthly recurring fees, look no further than ClixBooster. I am thrilled to share my experience with this remarkable tool that offers incredible value without any monthly or yearly payments.

ClixBooster's value extends far beyond its affordability. This system is a comprehensive solution for traffic generation, catering to the needs of beginners and experienced marketers alike. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower users to navigate through the platform effortlessly, unlocking the full potential of their traffic campaigns. 

With ClixBooster, you pay 1 time and can use it on as many domains you want, that's just too cool! Thank you for this system, it makes a big difference in my day to day business."

Jay Smith, Online Entrepreneur


"The power of unlimited click-multiplying pages and domains is truly liberating. It eliminates any restrictions and empowers you to scale your online presence without limitations. Whether you're a seasoned marketer with multiple projects or a budding entrepreneur looking to explore different avenues, ClixBooster enables you to unleash your creativity and potential.

I have personally experienced the transformative impact of ClixBooster's unlimited capabilities. The ability to create as many click-multiplying pages as I need, across multiple domains, has allowed me to increase my overall monthly revenues. You can be sure that this system delivers results!

Sue Wong, Online Entrepreneur


"When it comes to creating captivating click-multiplying pages, ClixBooster is a game-changer. With its vast selection of 50 built-in templates, this remarkable tool empowers users to effortlessly craft visually stunning pages that maximize clicks and engagement.

For those seeking convenience and efficiency, ClixBooster's pre-designed templates provide an ideal starting point. With just a few clicks, you can have a high-converting page up and running, ready to capture your audience's attention. These templates have been meticulously optimized to ensure that you achieve the maximum impact with each visitor.

Whether you choose to use the pre-designed templates or create your own pages, ClixBooster's focus on maximizing clicks remains consistent. By providing visually appealing and optimized templates, it equips you with the tools to captivate your audience and encourage them to take action."

Steve MacMullin, Online Entrepreneur


"By leveraging the power of ClixBooster, you can accelerate your progress and start seeing positive results as soon as today. Whether you want to increase your website traffic, get higher click-through rates, or improve your conversions, ClixBooster makes an immediate impact. I totally recommend ClixBooster to anyone who wants to multiply their clicks to make more sales, from the same amount of traffic, it's just a no-brainer!"

Maxine Berlinger, Online Entrepreneur

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Michel Sirois

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